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System Interface

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System Interface Testing

System Interface Testing (SIT) assesses the integration of various fire safety systems, ensuring they work correctly as per AS1851-2012. This includes testing aspects like detection and alarm systems, sprinklers, HVAC fire mode operation, and warning systems. Understanding the building's fire operation is vital for effective testing.

A test of the integration of all fire and safety systems for correct operation under automatic alarm.

AESG can facilitate and supervise Fire System Interface Testing and Full Function Fire Testing.

This includes:

  • Organising pre-test meetings with all contractors to develop a program to ensure that testing is conducted in the most efficient and least disruptive manner possible

  • Co-ordinating the attendance of all relevant contractors

  • Supervising and directing contractor activities during testing and independently witnessing system functionality

  • Preparing reports and feedback on the system interface test.

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