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Essential Safety Measures

Did you know that Building Owners are required to comply with Australian Standards to audit the Essential Safety Measures (ESMs) in their buildings? 

Essential Safety Measure compliance is made easy and straightforward when you use AESG. 


We understand the complexities of building regulations and classes and can manage the full compliance process requirements of our customers, stress-free.


We audit contracted essential service providers and can liaise with Local Government and Councils.


AESG uses accredited and experienced staff to fulfil the compliance requirements and produce clear, concise reports and annual statement submissions for all states and territories in Australia.

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AESG's knowledge and experience in the building and compliance industry give us the unique skillset and resources to provide National solutions to your building compliance issues. AESG can draw on its team of specialist Architects, Engineers, Compliance Consultants and Building Practitioners. 

Contact AESG via 1300 336 339 or for further information.

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