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Building Compliance Services

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Building Compliance Services

AESG offers a comprehensive range of Building Compliance services to help you navigate the complexities of construction, compliance, and building maintenance. Our dedicated team of experts is equipped to assist you in the following key areas:

  • Assessing & Issuing Building Permits: We streamline the process of obtaining building permits, ensuring that your construction project complies with all relevant codes and regulations. Our team assesses your plans, conducts thorough inspections, and facilitates the necessary permits, making your construction journey smoother.

  • Resolving Building Notices & Orders: When faced with building notices or orders, our Building Compliance team steps in to help you understand the issues at hand and work towards practical solutions. We guide you through the process of addressing any compliance concerns and resolving them to meet regulatory requirements.

  • Building Maintenance Determinations: A Maintenance Determination, per Victoria Building Regulations 2018, is a written document applied when establishing or altering essential safety measures in a building or place of public entertainment. This document outlines the essential safety measures required, the performance level, and maintenance details. This written determination is provided to the owner, along with a final inspection certificate for building permit cases. In emergency order or building order scenarios under the Building Act (Vic) 1993, a copy is also given to the relevant council, typically the Municipal Building Surveyor (MBS), as per section 120(2)(a).

  • Building Regulations Consultancy: Staying informed about evolving building regulations is essential. AESG provides expert consultancy services to help you understand and navigate the complex world of building regulations. We ensure that your project aligns with the latest standards and regulations, reducing the risk of compliance issues and potential setbacks.

With our Building Compliance services, you can confidently move forward with your construction projects, property maintenance, and regulatory compliance needs. AESG is your trusted partner for ensuring that your building endeavours are safe, compliant, and efficient.

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AESG's knowledge and experience in the building and compliance industry give us the unique skillset and resources to provide National solutions to your building compliance issues. AESG can draw on its team of specialist Architects, Engineers, Compliance Consultants and Building Practitioners. 

Contact AESG via 1300 336 339 or for further information.

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