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White Ribbon Australia

AESG is proudly aligned with White Ribbon Australia and has made the commitment to achieve White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation.


We are committed to supporting White Ribbon and contributing to helping grow a nation where every woman and child is free from all forms of violence and abuse.


If you are experiencing violence or suspect someone is, please contact 1800 RESPECT for advice and support.


The information below is attributed to White Ribbon Australia.

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What is White Ribbon Australia?

White Ribbon Australia is a part of a global social movement working to eliminate gendered violence. They strive for an Australian society where all women and children are safe.

White Ribbon is the world's largest movement engaging men and boys to end men's violence against women and girls, promote gender equality and create new opportunities for men to build positive, healthy and respectful relationships.


The White Ribbon Australia movement works through a primary prevention approach in communities, schools and workplaces across the country. Their programs and campaigns engage with men to become active in the social change needed to stop men's violence against women and children.


You can read more about White Ribbon here:

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What is the White Ribbon Workplace Accreditation Program?

The White Ribbon Australia Workplace Accreditation Program is a program that engenders a whole organisation commitment to stop violence against women, meeting 15 criteria under three standards to create a safer and more respectful workplace. It recognises workplaces that are taking active steps to stop violence against women, accrediting them as a White Ribbon Workplace.


The program builds on existing gender equality and diversity initiatives, providing the tools to strengthen a culture of respect and gender equality at all levels of the organisation. The program supports organisations to respond to and prevent violence against women, whether it occurs inside or outside the organisation, through supporting women experiencing violence, holding perpetrators to accounts, supporting all employees to challenge inappropriate behaviour and strengthen gender equality within the broader community.

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