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Carbon Neutral Certified

AESG is the first fire safety company in Australia and one of only a handful of companies across all industries to achieve the certification.


We are committed to continually lower our gross carbon emissions by investing in our people, new technologies and striving for business efficiencies.


To view our profile on the Carbon Active website and to view our public disclosure statement please see below:

Why we are Carbon Neutral

We are proud to be the first fire services organisation in Australia to achieve carbon neutral certification.


We have made a commitment to our staff, clients and partners to better understand our environmental impact and actively make changes to the way we conduct business across Australia. We have seen great satisfaction amongst our staff and clients that we are taking action on climate change and we will actively encourage the organisations we work with to reduce their carbon footprint.


Our longevity in the fire industry is attributable to our desire and willingness to explore new technologies and challenge traditional ways of doing business. We have identified carbon neutrality as a key driver of innovation, creativity and diversity in our sector. We want to lead our industry in new ways of developing and delivering business that fosters and encourages greater and sustainable practices.

We only have one planet, and we need to do everything we can to look after it.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Climate Active certification?

Climate neutral certification confirms that a carbon neutral claim is based on best practice, international standards and represents genuine emissions reduction. Climate Active has a Network of Members who have achieved this certification 9of their products, services or organisation) through rigorous process auditing and testing. This means that these certified organisations and their customers can be sure they are genuinely carbon neutral.


Why is it important?

Climate change is happening right now and we need to take action right now. We can all do this by making simple changes in our lives to reduce our carbon emissions. Supporting companies, products and services that being certified carbon neutral is a form form of positive climate action.


How does this program compare to others?

The Australian Government's carbon neutral certification is the most rigorous and credible carbon neutral certification available in Australia. You can feel reassured that when you buy Australia Government carbon neutral certified products or services you are taking genuine positive climate action.


What does Carbon Neutral mean?

We have reduced our carbon footprint to zero. We are proud to say that our organisation is not contributing to climate change. We have made choices and changes in the way we do business to ensure our carbon emissions are equal to zero.

How does it work?

Carbon offsetting is a way for organisations to cancel out carbon emissions they are not able to completely eliminate, by investing in projects that reduce or remove emissions.


For more information please visit the Climate Active Website:

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