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Building Insurance Valuations

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Building Insurance Valuation

Our comprehensive report delivers the essential information you need to secure the future of your property. 

Key Features:

  • Replacement Value: Our report calculates the recommended sum insured for all buildings the owners corporation must protect.

  • Detailed Component Breakdown: We consider major components such as estimated replacement costs, demolition and debris removal, professional fees, and cost escalation during both the insurance cover and rebuilding periods.

  • AESG Standard: Our report values the replacement cost of existing building improvements and provides a recommended sum insured, ensuring fairness and accuracy without windfall gains.

  • 5-Year Validity: Stay compliant with the law and best practices. A new valuation every 5 years is mandatory, with a recommended 3-year update to safeguard your interests.

Avoid Costly Penalties:

Non-compliance can result in financial burdens and policy complications. Inaccurate sums insured may lead to lot owners covering the shortfall in the event of building loss and replacement. Substantial undervaluation could even void your insurance policy, risking the financial stability of your Owners Corporation.


Don't take chances with your building insurance. Secure your property, protect lot owners, and ensure full compliance with the AESG Building Insurance Valuation report. Stay prepared, stay covered.

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AESG's knowledge and experience in the building and compliance industry give us the unique skillset and resources to provide National solutions to your building compliance issues. AESG can draw on its team of specialist Architects, Engineers, Compliance Consultants and Building Practitioners. 

Contact AESG via 1300 336 339 or for further information.

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