Evacuation Diagrams

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What are Evacuation Diagrams?

Evacuation Diagrams provide occupants with a succinct route plan and access to critical emergency information, allowing for safe and efficient evacuation in the event of a fire.

AESG prides itself on delivering a professional, compliant and unobtrusive diagram, that won't ruin the appearance of your building. We work with you to find the best locations and design to ensure the Diagrams meet all of your needs.

Standards & Compliance

AESG Evacuation Diagrams are in line with AS 3745 (2010) "Planning for Emergencies in Facilities". AESG are committed to exceeding the minimum requirements stated in AS 2745 (2010) and as such, our Evacuation Diagrams include all minimum and optional elements.

Evacuation Diagrams can assist you in reducing risk associated with duty of care as noted in Division 2 of the Wrongs and Other Acts (Law of Negligence) Act 2003. Evacuation Diagrams also enable you to meet state and federal Occupational Health and Safety Requirements.


1.    Initial site evaluation (Review of Occupancy Permit and NCC requirements)

2.    Documentation of existing conditions (Inc. Initial draw-up & identification of fire equipment)

3.    Design of Evacuation Diagrams (Inc. Route, assembly areas, position and orientation)

4.    Assembly & installation of Evacuation Diagrams in accordance with Australian Standards


AESG's knowledge and experience in the building and compliance industry gives us the unique skillset and resources to provide high quality solutions in this area. The AESG collective can draw on its team of specialist Architects, Engineers, Compliance Consultants and Building Practitioners.

Contact our Sales Team for a quote:

If you are interested in Evacuation Diagrams or emergency planning and procedures, please contact our Sales Team on 1300 336 339 or sales@aesg.com.au. 

AESG work in association with Essential Compliance Solutions to supply our Evacuation Diagrams.