Drone Inspections

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What is Drone Imaging?

Drone imaging is the latest in new technology designed to assess the condition of your building and provide detailed information on the affected areas.

Why Drone Imaging?

Drone imaging is a cost-effective process that delivers critical information regarding the external surfaces of your building. The information supplied is extremely useful in the event that repairs are required and is perfect for use in board meetings, where high resolution images can assist with the decision-making process.

Drone imaging can also be used to assess potential Aluminium Composite Panelling (ACP) on larger buildings, where a visual investigation hasn't been successful in determining if the material is present.

How is it done?

The drone imaging will be carried out by a RePL licensed drone operator. Multiple high resolution images will be taken of each level of the building which will then be combined to create an ultra high resolution picture of the full facade.

Contact AESG on 1300 336 339 or sales@aesg.com.au for further information.