Building Health & Safety

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AESG supply a comprehensive BH&S Report containing four sections:

Part 1: Building Condition Hazards

Report on hazards that arise from building failure

Part 2: Safety Measures

Reports on the Safety Measures requirements

Part 3: Personal Injury Risk

Reports on the hazards that affect the individual

Part 4: Utilities Risk

Reports on hazards arising from utilities

Reference Material

Information notes concerning hazardous materials, roof access and roller/tilt doors, as well as reference material explaining standards and legislation is available for download.

Additional Notes

All hazards identified on the day of inspection are highlighted for easy identification. Location information, a description of the issue, a recommended course of action to resolve or reduce the hazard and photos are supplied for each identified hazard. AESG use an internal rating system to provide each hazard with a severity rating. This allows us to identify the hazards required to be addressed as a priority.

All inspections are carried out during daylight hours and are non-invasive. No specific resting is performed, as the inspections are visual in nature only.

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