10 Year Maintenance Plans

10 Year Maintenance Plans are compulsory for all NSW Strata Schemes and any Victorian Scheme with 51 or more lots. 10 Year Maintenance Plans, also referred as: Sinking Fund, Capital Works Fund or Maintenance Plans, are a detailed plan that identifies anticipated maintenance, repair, renewal or replacement of both major and minor capital items within a strata scheme. Each plan identifies the expected cost to repair/replace over a 10-year period and allocates yearly contribution per lot…

COVIDSafe Plans

AESG can provide an audit of your facility and develop and install your Victorian Government mandated COVIDSafe Plans.

Essential Safety Measures Audits

Comprehensive auditing and reporting of Essential Safety Measures in every State.

Building Health & Safety

BH&S Reports are comprehensive building reports which comment on OH&S issues, Building Condition issues and areas of concern that may affect the safety of occupants.

Combustible Cladding Investigation & Reports

Australian Essential Services Group (AESG) has developed a staged process to identify and report on the use of Aluminium Composite Panels in a building.

Evacuation Diagrams

AESG can supply you with Evacuation Diagrams in line with AS3745-2010.

Customised Audits & Reports

AESG can provide customised Audits & Reports specific to your organisation. We understand that each company and individual is different, and as such, we will work with you to design a product that assists you in reducing time and money.

Building Safety & Compliance Consultation

Specialised investigation and reporting including advice for resolution of Council and Fire Brigade notices.

Contractor Management

Australian Essential Services Group can assist you with managing all aspects of your Essential Safety Measures cycle.


AESG can host or come to your place of business to run seminars and presentations.