Combustible Cladding Building Order

Author: Matthew Gale
News Date: 24/9/2019 2:40 PM
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AESG have successfully resolved another emergency order issued due to combustible aluminium composite panels (ACP)

The Banyule City Council issued the Owners Corporation with a Show Cause Notice in July 2018, which was subsequently followed by a Building Order.

AESGs initial role involved interpreting both the Show Cause Notice and the Building Order. As in this case, Local Councils often issue notices with a generic 'coverall' statements which simple ask owners to - "show cause why the combustible material on the site should not be removed." 

The simplicity of Councils generic statement often begins the complicated process of identifying materials, establishing their combustibility (via laboratory testing), quantifying the area of coverage and identifying the fixing method to the base structure.

This building was originally constructed with ACP surrounding the emergency exits and ironically covered the cupboards containing integral firefighting equipment. Whilst the total ACP coverage of the whole building was less than 2%, the proximity to emergency exits increased the risk to residents and therefor the severity of the Order.

AESGs early works included:

  • Sending the works to tender; where multiple quotes were obtained from builders
  • Obtaining a Building Permit - which required new architectural plans to be developed
Due to the location of the works, AESG had to ensure that the relevant fire equipment was isolated and de-isolated at the start and end of each days work. AESG staff attended site for key phases of the removal, ensuring all contractors completed works to the required standards.

Throughout the process AESG carefully managed communication and expectations with Banyule Council to ensure that no residents were displaced during the rectification process. 

Many Show Cause Notices and Building Orders propose a 30 day turn-around, however due to the extent of work required this timeframe is often extended to allow the OC and Property Managers sufficient time to complete the necessary works.

AESG is extremely grateful that we were able to assist the Owners and residents remove the combustible ACP from their building in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you have been issued with a council notice or require assistance with combustible cladding contact our cladding team on: 1300 336 339 or

Written by: Shannon Clarence & Matthew Gale

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