AESG open for business

Author: Matthew Gale
News Date: 26/3/2020 3:06 PM

COVID-19 - Update

AESG is open for business


Earlier this week the Federal Government and State Governments have announced measures to control the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus).


All advice to date is that AESG’s services are an essential service and that we are to continue completing onsite inspections and issuing reports. The Fire Protection Association of Australia (FPAA) has also advised that it is necessary and, in the communities, best interest that the fire safety industry continues to service and maintain all fire safety measures.


AESG has modified its work practices to comply with guidelines and advice from the

Chief Medical Officer. Our inspectors are taking appropriate health and safety measures

and are fully aware of the most recent control measure announcements.


We will continue to audit your properties to fulfil the essential safety inspection and

statutory auditing obligations:

·      If there is someone on-site, we will complete an on-site inspection and audit

·      If you hold keys to the property, our inspector is able to collect these and go on-site to the complete the inspection and audit

·      If access is not possible, we will issue a desktop audit and a qualified AESMR which we believe will be sufficient given the current circumstances. The certificate will confirm that all fire equipment is current and, given the lack of access, that fire access and paths of travel are compliant.


The AESMR will be subject to a future on-site inspection when possible.


We thank you for your support and cooperation in these unusual times. We will be in touch

shortly to make arrangements for the inspection. If you are unable to arrange access,

please advise us in writing.


AESG is staying abreast of all updates and changes during this time, and will make changes to our processes as required.




For further information we encourage information is obtained from reputable sources, including:


World Health Organisation (WHO):

Australian Government:






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