Victoria - Change of fire standard AS1851:2012

Author: Matthew Gale
News Date: 5/9/2016 10:00 AM
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AS1851:2012 - Routine service of fire protection systems and equipment

AS1851-2012 has recently been adopted in Victoria with an amendment to the Building Regulation released April 2016. The amendment allows owners / property managers to nominate the use of AS1851-2012, regardless of what is listed on the Occupancy Permit or maintenance Determination. No amendment by a Building Surveyor to either Occupancy Permit or Maintenance Determination is required.

The latest addition is the product from years of review and research to provide the latest and most reliable information and direction of routine inspection for fire protection systems and equipment. The purpose of this standard is to enhance inspection and reporting practises to improve safety, cost reduction and reduce environmental impact.

In the new standard several routine service frequencies have changed from weekly to monthly.

Prior to adopting the latest standard all service contractors should review the site and associated equipment to ensure that all installations comply with and fall inline with the amended maintenance requirements.

As a duty of care, AESG recommends that where practical, this standard be adopted as a measure of 'best-practise'.

Key areas affected:

  • Automatic fire sprinkler systems
  • Fire pump sets
  • Fire tanks
  • Hydrants
  • Fire detection and EWIS
  • Fire doors
  • Fire penetrations 

How can AESG assist?

AESG can review your Occupancy Permit and recommend where the new standard be adopted.

By doing so, you may decrease the inspection frequencies of some services, which may result in a decreased annual fee.

Contact AESG: 1300 336 339

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