AESMR Template Update 2019

Author: Matthew Gale
News Date: 16/9/2019 9:49 AM

Changes to the Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR) have been gazetted by the Victorian Government.

Gazetted on 12th September 2019 the changes have come after many contractors and suppliers voiced their concerns with the updated regulations. A Victorian Building Authority (VBA) email release described the changes as "a consequence of amendments to the Building Regulations 2018 and stakeholder feedback".

The AESMR template was changed in 2018 with the update to the Victorian Building Regulations. The changes included the requirement to list each individual technician who completed routine servicing of an Essential Safety Measures (ESM) item, this has now been removed.

The most recent changes include:

  1. Removed the requirement to list individual technicians who performed maintenance; replaced with "name and address of entity who performed inspection, testing or maintenance".
  2. Confirmation that an AESMR can be issued for part of a building: "Where a building has multiple owners, each owning different parts of the building (i.e. Class 2 apartments, Class 5 office, Class 6 shopping centre or similar), the AESMR can be issued for combined parts of a building owned by seperate entities OR an AESMR can be issued for each part of the building in seperate ownership".
The complete updated form can be found attached to this article as well as on the VBA website:

Whilst we welcome the changes to the template, AESGs advice to all owners / managers is to ensure that all Essential Safety Measures systems are being maintained by qualified contractors and that all emergency exits and escapes are operational and provide safe egress for all occupants and visitors.

AESG is currently working on updating our report templates to reflect the new changes.

If you require further information about Essential Safety Measures please contact our office at or 1300 336 339

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