AESMR Template Change

Author: Matthew Gale
News Date: 7/1/2019 3:11 PM

Change to Victorian Building Regulations

Annual Essential Safety Measures Report (AESMR) Template Change
Updates to the Building Regulations 2006 have come into effect as of 2/06/2018, where the Victorian Building Regulations 2018 supersede the Victorian Building Regulations 2006. The new Building Regulations have been in development / review for some time, and only came into effect 2 June 2018.
Included within these changes is the requirement for a new AESMR template. AESG whilst continuing to improve its service to you as a valued client have been working with the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and various Municipal Councils regarding the new template. To date we are still waiting on written responses from the VBA for some of our direct queries.
AESG is developing and updating internal systems and report templates to reflect the new changes. We anticipate to role out the new template for all buildings in the coming weeks, in the interim we have been manually creating AESMRs in line with the new template for any building requested by a Municipal Building Surveyor (MBS), the VBA or has been issued with a Council Order, Emergency Order or MFB Investigation.
If any of your buildings fall into one of the above categories please contact AESG .
Some of the changes to the template will require additional information from suppliers, contractors and in some circumstances property owners / managers. The changes to the template include:
  • The name of every individual technician / contractor that has performed maintenance on any Essential Safety Measure in the relevant time period.
  • List of all details pertaining to an inspection report made under section 227E of the Building Act 1993 (building notice or the like) including dates on which actions were taken.
  • List and confirm the standard of maintenance, where the maintenance provider is servicing to a version of the standard which differs from the Occupancy Permit, specifically relating to AS1851.
  • Where the AESMR is signed by an agent of the owner (AESG), a list of full names of each owners of the building. *
*AESG has requested clarification for this from the VBA, we are still waiting for a formal response. The new Building Regulations does not make clarification for when a building is owned through an Owners Corporation, trust, share holders or have multiple owners.
AESG has identified that in its current form, the new template will add significant time to contractors, suppliers, property managers and owners to meet all requirements detailed. AESG is hopeful that we will be able to implement procedures to minimise disruption and time, whilst achieving the requirements of the new form.
AESGs original advice still stands, that all owners / managers should ensure that all Essential Safety Measures systems are being maintained by qualified contractors and that all emergency exits and escapes are operational and provide safe egress for all occupants and visitors.
If you require further information about the new Building Regulations please follow the below link the VBA website or alternatively contact AESG.

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