AESG Newsletter March 2021

News Date: 15/3/2021 3:59 PM


How is it already March!? 2021 is flying by.

AESG are extremely happy that everyone can now be back in the office and we are definitely making the most of being able to be together. Over the last few months we have organised a few events such as our Teal Tea for Ovarian Cancer, International Women's Day Crafter-noon and AESG Blood Drive.

As for our field staff, our inspectors have inspected roughly 3,675 sites all across Australia since 1st of Jan 2021. 


  • Annual fire safety statements 2021
  • Teal Ribbon Day
  • AESG's Building Passport
  • Blood Drive
  • International Women's Day 

Annual fire safety statements 2021

In New South Wales, there were some changes made in regards to the annual fire safety statements (AFSS). 

Firstly, what is an AFSS?

An AFSS is a document that verifies an accredited practitioner (fire safety) has assessed, inspected and verified the performance of each fire safety measure that applies to the building. Itmustbe issued each year and include all the essential fire safety measures that apply to a building. The statement confirms that the building is in compliance with the Regulation.

When did it change and why?

As of March 1st 2021, the AFSS template has been updated to reflect regulatory changes following the commencement of the Fire Protection Australia (FPAA) accreditation scheme for accredited practitioners (fire safety).

Only practitioners accredited by the FPAA can perform the functions of an accredited practitioner (fire safety) where that function is covered by the FPAA scheme. The plans and specifications for specific fire safety systems can also be endorsed by certain registered certifiers.

So, what specifically has changed?

In Section 6, instead of listing a "competent fire safety practitioner (CFSPs)", you are required to list the details of each "accredited practitioner (fire safety) (APFS)".

In Section 7, previously AESG could sign this section and issue the statement. However, as of March 1st, AESG is no longer authorised to sign this section and this must be signed by the owner or the agent of the owner.

Teal Ribbon Day

Teal Ribbon Day was held on the 24th of February. Teal Ribbon Day is a day to support Australian's affected by ovarian cancer, honour those we have lost and raise awareness of this deadly disease to change the story for future generations.

Ovarian cancer is the 8th most common cancer in Australia. Each year, around 1,500 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer. In most cases, the cancer will be diagnosed at an advanced stage, where it is very difficult to treat.

See the below infographic created by Ovarian Cancer Australia for further information about symptoms.

AESG hosted a Teal-Tea in order to raise funds and awareness for Ovarian Cancer.

We enjoyed lots of yummy treats (raspberry and lemon tart, hedgehog slice and greek meatballs to name a few!) for our morning tea.

We sold teal ribbons, pens and bracelets in order to raise funds, as well as having a donation box for anyone to donate.

Donations made on the 24th of February were being tripled! Our AESG team donated a total of $535 to the cause which ends up being over $1500 thanks to the sponsor of Ovarian Cancer!

AESG's Building Passport

AESG is continuing to implement our "Building Passports" functionality across a number of key clients in 2021. Implemented through the use of QR Code technology and powered by our partnership with bSECURE, the AESG Building Passports allow owners and occupiers to create a building profile by capturing all of the relevant building information and history in a single online area.

Linked to AESG's existing Compliance Management Portal that is provided to all AESG customers, the cloud-based system can allow service contractors to "sign off" through the use of digital logbooks, which in turn drives the creation of baseline service data and the tracking of historical compliance performance.

The service contractors engaged at the site can access the QR code and complete their logbook data and compliance information via a free phone app within moments and without any significant service delays. After each service interaction, AESG clients will have 'real time' information as the service report is sent to the compliance portal instantly.

The Building Passport allows for all type of relevant building documentation to be stored, such as;
  • Occupancy Permits
  • Maintenance Determinations
  • Building Plans
  • Sprinkler Plans
  • Hydrant block plans
  • Fire detection plans
  • Emergency evacuation diagrams
  • Emergency plans & procedure manuals
If you are interested in hearing more about AESG's Building Passport and QR code logbooks, please contact our Sales team (

Blood Drive

We're proud to be part of Lifeblood Teams, the group donation program from Australian Red Cross Lifeblood. 

Right now, we're competing in the Building and Trades Blood Challenge. So far with the amount of blood/plasma that our team has donated, we have saved 12 lives! 

AESG regularly organises blood drives for our staff. We are already booked in for another trip in April.

Give blood and save lives!

International Women's Day

This year, International Women's Day's theme was #ChooseToChallenge. 

AESG organised a crafter-noon for all the brilliant women that work with us. We enjoyed making Macrame Rainbow Key Chains - definitely challenged us!

As a team, we recognise the privilege of our situation and we strive to give to those in need. As a team, AESG has donated $300 to Happy Boxes. 

Happy Boxes is an organisation that sends toiletries and beauty products to women in remote communities. Every women deserves access to essential products and equal opportunities to thrive in life.

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