Carbon Neutral

Carbon Neutral 

AESG will become accredited Carbon Neutral in 2021. We are making this commitment to our staff, clients, partners and the wider community.

This is more than just words or achieving accreditation. We will undertake a series of reviews to better understand our environmental impact and actively make changes to the way we conduct business.

We will be posting various goals and milestones throughout our journey and encourage everybody to join us on our campaign to make a difference.

We only have one planet, and we need to do everything we can to look after it.

AESG Sustainability Policy has been published on our website, to view it click here

More information will be released soon, watch this space.



The first milestones that we have identified to complete on our way to becoming carbon neutral are:
  1. Have an independent GreenHouse Gas (GHG) Assessment completed - COMPLETED 12th June
  2. Establish a Recycling Partner - COMPLETED 25th June
  3. Update of sustainability policy - COMPLETED 15th June
  4. Change green energy supplier
  5. Start updating our fleet to hybrid vehicles - COMPLETED 7th July
  6. Update procurement policy - COMPLETE 25th July
31st July 2020
Since starting our carbon neutral journey we have made substantial steps towards achieving accreditation and implemented new business practises to reduce our carbon footprint. Our staff have embraced the project with enthusiasms and drive allowing us to implement both small and large changes. The 3 new hybrid cars we have added to our fleet has been the highlight of our progress to date, stay tuned for more updates.