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AESG is a leading Australian independent auditing provider, specialising in building compliance, essential services and essential safety measures, OH&S, and compliance management consulting.

AESG has multi-national customers in 5 states, and is a leading provider for the health care industry. See the below sections for our primary service offerings, or get in contact to learn more.

Essential Safety Measures (ESM)
Audit Reports

Why do you need building compliance?

By law all relevant buildings require annual ESM compliance certification. Failure to obtain certification means that you may incur fines from local councils and/or risk insurance cover. Compliance also gives you the knowledge that your tenants will be able to exit a building safely in case of fire.

What must be certified?

Essential Safety Measures are those fire and safety items installed in a property for the protection of its occupants and the property itself. They comprise “active systems” such as fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, sprinkler systems and exit & emergency lighting as well as “passive systems” such as exit doors, paths of travel, and discharge from exits. The Essential Safety Measures in place for any building depends on the age, the size and the design of the property.

Those buildings constructed after July 1994 must have an Occupancy Permit (OP) issued by the relevant building surveyor. The Essential Safety Measures within the building should be listed on the OP and each will have a maintenance schedule required for its proper upkeep. Pre-1994 buildings do not have to have OPs but they do nonetheless have Safety Measures installed. The maintenance schedules for those items should be determined by reference to Australian Standards and normal practice.

How do you achieve compliance?

Acting as your agent, the Australian Essential Services Group (AESG) is able to conduct regular expert inspections of your properties, to keep secure, easily accessible records and to prepare the annual AESMR on your behalf.

Who does the inspection?

Our well-trained, fully accredited Inspectors bring years of experience and knowledge to their work. Where even more expertise is required they have access to AESG’s unparalleled resources base to call on.

How do we inspect?

AESG uses aBAS, a world’s best Facilities Management system to conduct its inspections and to report back to you. The unique online system allows you to monitor the compliance of your buildings in real time throughout Australia. All your mandated records are at your fingertips. Standard analytical reports are available on demand as are your historical records, inspection schedules and photographic evidence of any faults found. AESG can tailor the information you can access according to your needs.

Need a quote?

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Essential Safety Measures
(ESM) Consulting

AESG’s Building Expertise

We have been providing consultancy services to the Managed Property industry since 1996. AESG can help you safely navigate the complex world of Essential Safety Measures to keep you and your buildings compliant.

Our Consulting Services

If you have been in the position of receiving a Building Notice or a Building order, AESG can help you by providing you with the expert advice you need to successfully work with the Municipal Council, the Building Surveyor or whoever else you need to deal with to resolve the issues satisfactorily.

AESG can also take a more active role and manage all the steps on your behalf. Our internal resources and the extensive contact list we have built up over many years means that we can confidently adopt the most effective plan of action.

What Can we Deal With?

  • Applications for dispensation
  • Applications for Occupancy Permit alterations
  • Building Notices and Building Orders Consulting
  • Fire Brigade fines and notices
  • Fire Engineering Consulting
  • Design and Documentation of ESM alterations and upgrades
  • Maintenance Plans and Sinking Fund plans
  • Building Condition Defects Report
  • Building Condition Single Issue Report
  • Evacuation Plans and Procedures
  • Warden and Procedures Training
  • Fire Services Block Plans

Looking to Resolve an ESM Issue?

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Essential Safety Measures
(ESM) Maintenance

Fire Door Tagging

There is a legal requirement that all Fire Door Assemblies are tagged to show that they have been tested, manufactured and installed in accordance with the performance standard and that they are capable of achieving the stated fire resistance level.

Where a Fire Door is listed on the OP but does not have a suitable tag, AESG can organise for the appropriate tag to be made available or for a replacement tagged Fire Door to be installed.

Fire and Smoke Door Signage

Where a building has either Fire Doors or Smoke Doors installed they should each be fitted with the appropriate signage (BCA D2.23).

AESG can supply and install compliant signage for all of your doors.

How do you obtain Signs?

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OH&S Reporting

Why do you need an Occupational Health and Safety check?

According to the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004, OH&S reports are mandatory in a workplace. The Act requires employers to provide, so far as it is practical, a safe environment and a reduced risk to health for both the public and employees.

Under the Act, an Owners Corporation is deemed to be an employer and the common areas of a property are considered to be a workplace.

Significant penalties for non-compliance apply.

OH&S Reporting

Our OH&S reports cover those areas that are relevant to reducing health and safety risks to the occupants, employees and tenants of your buildings.

AESG inspectors look at the following areas:

  • Personal Injury Risk
  • Essential Safety Measures Risk
  • Utilities Risk
  • Building Condition

AESG's OH&S reports provide extensive information that helps you achieve a safe environment and reduced risk to occupants, tenants and employees. Our report outlines areas requiring rectification.

If needed, we can provide a contractor list to assist you.

How do you obtain an OH&S report?

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Customised Policy &
Procedure Auditing

Inspection and Reporting is our Core Business

Many organisations that have a large number of sites struggle to ensure that each of their locations are maintaining adherence to the Company’s Policies and Procedures. Materials, policies and procedures are typically distributed from a central location, but what happens to them thereafter is difficult to monitor.

AESG can audit on your behalf. In many instances we will be onsite to inspect your Essential Safety Measures. For a small additional cost we can look at the compliance of such things as your First Aid records, your signage, induction procedures or even your Work Safe posters. If you can tell us what it is meant to be; we can check it for you. AESG will tailor an Audit and Report to your specific requirements.

The Process

Our Inspectors will visit your site on a regular basis and check on those things you want to ensure are being maintained. We will inspect each item and detail the condition in which we found it. Where an item is non-compliant AESG will photograph the fault to facilitate rectification.

Using the power of aBAS, AESG will provide you with access to a real time, online report that shows the status of individual sites, regions or the whole organisation. AESG can become your remote eyes and ears to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the whole organisation.

How do you obtain a Customised report?

Contact our office to arrange for a discussion with one of our representatives.